How to Use Garden Staples as Plant Support Stakes?

In windy areas, more often newly planted trees bow to earth due to the high-speed wind. Remaining in a bent shape can have different effects on the growth of these plants. Though there are a number of methods that can be used to make them upright again, a cost-effective solution is to use Garden Staples as Plant Support Stakes.

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What’s Needed to Create Plant Support Stakes?

  • Garden Staples (6 inch length will be sufficient. Consider buying BzBirds Landscape Staples)
  • Quilt or Sewing Thread
  • Rubber Mallet

Steps to Use Plant Support Stakes

  • Fix the Garden staples into the ground in an inclined angle at some distance from the plant
  • Tie one end of the quilt thread at a position to the plant from where it can control the plant in getting straight
  • Pass through the other end of the thread between the two prongs of the Garden staple
  • Strech it enough to make the plant stand straight
  • Tie the thread to the staple so that the plant remains in this position

Let it remain like this for a few days and your plant will again stand tall without bending.

Plant Support Stakes


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