How to Stop Weed Growth?

All the care that you put into tending to landscape and flower beds enriches the growing environment for flowers plants and shrubs and unfortunately for weeds too. Here are four simple ways to stop weeds from stealing the show. These methods, if followed properly, can help stop weed growth and give a healthy look to your garden.

Stop Weed Growth using Landscape Fabric

Use landscape fabric to create a physical barrier to weeds for stopping them from growing. You can spread it over bare soil around the trees and shrubs and anchor these with landscape staples. Mostly, these are used to control weeds under decks and in pathways. Make sure to use as many staples as to fix the most area of landscape fabric.

Use Layers of Mulch to Prevent Weed

A two to three-inch layer of mulch helps your plants by keeping roots cooler holding in moisture and adding organic matter to the soil and it helps block sunlight from reaching weed seeds making it harder for them to grow. For an extra layer of weed prevention, lay landscape fabric over the ground before spreading mulch. Leave an edge around the base of trees shrubs and plants so the mulch doesn’t cause rotting.

Stop Weed using Spray

Weed preventers add an invisible barrier against weeds and applying them couldn’t be simpler. Shake on the granules working around plants and water lightly to activate the preventer. A two-in-one product helps stop weeds and feeds plants at the same time. Avoid getting granules on plant leaves so they won’t burn the leaves. If you’re planting new seedlings, you usually want to wait until new seedlings are about 2 to 3 inches tall before using a weed preventer nearby.

Removing Weeds Manually

When weeds show up here and there, deal with them on the spot. If you remove them by hand, try to pop the weed up by its roots. You can also spray weed killer directly onto the weed. This helps to make sure nothing is left behind to regrow.


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