How to protect your home from a mudslide?

If you live next to a dirt hill, you might wonder how to protect your home from a mudslide during heavy rain.

If the hill is not properly protected during a rainstorm, a mudslide can happen.

Mudslides can be dangerous and deadly. In Everett, Washington, a large mudslide took the lives of 41 individuals in April 2014.

Here are a few solutions to protect your house or street from mudslides:

Permanent Solutions

  • Planting vegetation: This is the best and most long-term solution to erosion. When trees and other plants are planted on the hill, the roots keep the soil in place, preventing mudslides.
  • Short term solutions
    If planting vegetation is not possible or too late for the coming rainy season, here are two different short-term solutions that can still protect your home.

    • Sandbags are a great way of protecting against mudslides.
      • Be sure to fill the bags with gravel (not sand).
      • The gravel allows water to flow through but stops soil, avoiding a mudslide.
    • Cover open soil with jute and landscape staples
      • Adding jute (held down using landscape staples) to a recently burned area of land or exposed hill (no trees or vegetation) is another great way to protect against mudslides.

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