How to Fix Grave Blanket to Ground?

What is a Grave Blanket?

A grave blanket is a decoration typically made of evergreens and other natural materials, such as pine cones, berries, and holly, that is placed on a grave site during the winter months. The blanket is meant to cover the grave and provide a touch of color and beauty during the otherwise barren winter season. They are often used as a way of honoring the memory of the deceased.

How to Make a Grave Blanket?

There are several ways to make a grave blanket, but a common method is as follows:


  • A wire wreath frame
  • A roll of floral wire
  • A variety of evergreen branches, such as pine, fir, and holly
  • Additional decorative elements, such as berries, pine cones, ribbons, or ornaments (optional)
  • Landscape staples (Buy Now) to fix grave blanket to the ground


  1. Begin by laying the wire wreath frame on a flat surface.
  2. Take one evergreen branch at a time and secure it to the frame using the floral wire. Wrap the wire tightly around the branch and the frame to hold it securely in place.
  3. Continue adding branches and securing them to the frame until the entire frame is covered. You can use different kinds of evergreens or mix them together to make them look more interesting
  4. Once you have covered the frame completely with evergreen branches, you can add any additional decorative elements you would like. Make sure they are secured by using the floral wire
  5. If you are making a blanket with a stand, you need to make a frame that stands on its own and tie it securely with the floral wire. Once completed, the grave blanket can be placed on the grave site to honor the memory of the deceased.

How to Fix Grave Blanket to Ground?

There are a few ways to fix a grave blanket to the ground, depending on the materials and design of the blanket and the rules and regulations of the cemetery where it will be placed.

One way to fix a grave blanket to the ground is to use a metal stand specifically designed for holding grave blankets. The blanket would be placed on top of the stand, which would then be inserted into the ground. These stands can be purchased from florists or online retailers that specialize in grave decorations.

Another way to fix a grave blanket to the ground is to use meta landscape staples or wooden dowels that are inserted into the ground. The blanket would have a hole in the corner or somewhere else and the stake or dowel would be inserted through that hole, which will be then pushed into the ground.

It’s also possible to place the grave blanket on top of the grave or on top of the gravestone if it’s allowed by the cemetery regulations.

Be sure to check with the cemetery’s rules and regulations regarding grave decorations before placing a grave blanket, as some cemeteries may have specific guidelines or regulations on how they can be fixed to the ground.

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