DIY – Best way to Make Plant Protector Cage

Plant protector cages help protect your plants from being secured by wild animals. These can be of different types and sizes. Many small home projects often need these to protect plants from pets. A simple plant protector cage can be made with just a few items that can be easily managed. The same has been explained in this Do-It-Yourself project.

What’s Needed to Make Plant Protector Cage?

Steps to Make a Plant Protector Cage

  • Take the measurement of the area in which you want to protect plants
  • If you have the cage wire in the form of long rolls, cut the necessary mesh from it as per your needs (In this case, there were individual plants to be protected, so cage wire was cut in enough length to have circular protection)
  • Now, having one end fixed, arrange the mesh wire in your desired shape so that the far end meets the starting side
    • Caution: Be careful as cage wire may have sharp edges and may cause an injury
  • Bind them with cable ties at equal distances (you can better judge the height of the cage and decide how many cable ties are to be used
  • With one side down, place the cage around the plant to be protected on the ground and fix them to the ground with SOD staples (Buy on Amazon)
  • Hola! Your plant protector cage is ready to be installed
plant protector cage


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