DIY – How to Make Hula Hoop Chicken Tractor

A chicken tractor hoop is an open cage-like surrounding to secure chickens from predators. If you have baby chicks, you would like them to enjoy natural grass and ground while keeping them safe. This DIY article shows how to create a secure hoop chicken tractor for baby chicks.

What’s Needed for making ?

  • 2 Hula Hoops
  • Cage Wire
  • Cable Ties or Wire
  • Tape Measure
  • Wire Cutter (optional)
  • Some Landscape Staples


  • Using the tape measure, get the measurement of your hula hoops
  • Using these measurements, roll out and cut the cate wire to its length
  • Bind one of hula hoops to the cage wire at one end using wire or cable ties and repeate the same for the other hula hoop by binding it to the other end of the cage
  • Place your hula hoop on ground as shown in the image and fix it to the ground using few landscape staples
  • Use as much landscape staples as required to fix it enough to the ground
  • Test your tractor, it should be able to stand upright on the ground by itself without collapsing.


  • Do not leave the chicken in open for too long on a hot day
  • Make sure to add some food and water feeders inside the tractor. Otherwise they may starve to death
  • Keep an eye on predators like Eagles that can pick them from the open space
DIY Hula Hoop Chicken Tractor

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